Puppy Information Talks, Puppy Workshops, Teenage Tearaways & Awesome "A" Levellers - Hitchin

Puppy Information Talks are for first-time puppy owners or puppy owners who want to get advice on all aspects of what to do when the puppy first comes home. Toilet training, biting, outings before vaccines, exercise, crate training and most importantly all the mental enrichment games you can do at home to make life easier for yourself. These will be held on a Wednesday evening in May 2020
Dates and times to be confirmed. Delayed due to the Coronavirus!

These Puppy Workshops are great fun and we will work with Games + Reward-Based Training, making sure your furry friend will start paying you attention towards any environment whilst working in a group. These are held outside in enclosed fields on a farm in a tranquil environment with beautiful views.  

We will cover all aspects of Puppyhood that you will encounter in the early days, making sure you will have a happy & content puppy at the end of the courses, and that you all will have fun training with us. 

Don't risk bigger Classes & slower progress, we work as a team to make sure that everyone gets what they need out of our classes.

Puppy Workshop 1 "Foundation" - 6 weeks - This is for young puppies that have not done any training. (Puppy Parties or Pre-School sessions at the vet's do not count!)

These Teenage Tearaway's classes are a follow up from the puppy workshops and for people that want to continue to train their furry friend to the standard that they can join the "Awesome A Levellers" if they wish.  If you haven't joined our above Puppy Workshop's you will need a One to One assessment to see where you are with your puppy/dog to make sure you are in the right class. 

These  Awesome "A" Levellers Classes have now been running for over 3 years and are a great success as we still have the same puppies, (now dogs!) from the start!!
These classes can be joined after the teenage tearaway's classes by invitation only.

It is all in the games!!

We will be working on Focus, Attention & Boundary games, Shaping, Impulse Control, Calmness and more.
It is all good fun, in an enclosed field in beautiful rural settings!

Would you like a good relationship with your dog?
Every dog learns differently, we will show you how to connect with your furry friend and have fun whilst training!

The Saturday Workshops & Classes are very popular and fill up fast so make sure you get on our waiting list!

A £ 50.00 BOOKING FEE is required.

To secure your place please email me on: with your puppies name, breed, age, location & your mobile number

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