Prices & Packages

Training your puppy or dog is a lifelong investment and commitment to a happy, confident & balanced companion!

 Prices & Packages:

Training Walks:

45 minutes Training Walk £45.00   POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Puppy Information Talks up to 1-hour working together with and at Paws, Fur & Fins and Happy Paws in Bancroft, Hitchin. This will be confirmed as soon as we are allowed again.

Puppy Workshops  "Foundation"              6 weeks £140.00

Teenage Tearaway's                                   6 weeks £150.00


Why an assessment?

An assessment is a good way of understanding what is required going forward and how we are going to accomplish the right training needed together...

* Initial assessment: £150.00

I offer 60 minutes to visit you in the comfort of your own home or if you so prefer a different location you feel most relaxed...

I will be familiarising myself with your companion i.e training, household, environment, exercise regime as well as behaviour to name a few, and any struggles you feel is important and want clarification and help with.

From there we will then step by step examine the points raised and agree on how we are going to proceed. I will provide and demonstrate how these hands-on methods I offer can be used to teach your furry friend and from there enhancing their development going forward.

We will be going through handy information to assist you outside of the assessment period tailored specifically to your dogs' needs.

Offering further training and assistance by turning your furry friend into a well balanced, social and well-trained companion...


* Package 1: £250.00

Initial assessment + 1 hour follow up training.

* Package 2: £350.00

Initial assessment + 2 hours follow up training (individual bespoke sessions)

*Package 3: £450.00

Initial assessment + 3 hours follow up training (individual bespoke sessions)

*Puppy Package: £350.00 (up to 5months old)
Four 121 sessions of all things PUPPY!! Start training your puppy as soon as it arrives 'home', I have many helpful ideas and tips to help you through anything puppy!

*Puppy Package: £450.00 + Puppy Workshops
Four 121 sessions of all things PUPPY!! Start training your puppy as soon as it arrives 'home' and this includes 6 weeks of Puppy Workshops when your puppy is ready to join a group formation!

All the above packages are within a 5-mile radius, with prices on request if you are outside this area.

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