Wednesday 31 May 2023

Welcome to the Backtobasicsdogtraining BLOG

 Welcome to our Blog

This used to be our website but we have moved this over to

Please pop over there if you have any struggles with your puppy or dog so we can help you find solutions.

If you are local to Hitchin in Hertfordshire we have a Facebook group called Pawfectly Dogs 

( so feel free to join.

We would love to create an engaging community for pet owners who live in Hitchin and the surrounding areas to connect, ask for recommendations, share photos, and have fun!

Please be mindful of the rules and that the admins are doing this on a voluntary basis!

Friday 21 April 2023

New Website is live now!!

 Please visit our new website

This will now go back to being our blogger

Thursday 30 March 2023

Real-Life Training & 121 Training Walk Appointments

We Have some Real-Life Training & 121 Training Walk Appointments left for the Easter Holidays, book now to avoid disappointment. Send us an email to


Monday 6 March 2023

"Before you get your puppy" talks and Behavioural Drop Inn's Waiting Lists!!!

  "Before you get your Puppy Talks" and "Behavioural Drop Inn's"

After doing a few Polls in Facebook groups we have now created a waiting list for the following:

"Before you get your puppy talks" @  The Granello Lounge in Hitchin on a Tuesday from 6pm

"Before you get your puppy talks" @ The Cultivo Lounge in Letchworth on a Monday from 6pm

"Before you get your puppy talks @ The Rosso Lounge in Biggleswade on a Wednesday from 6pm

The before you get your Puppy Talks are £25.00 per person with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people.

The Behavioural Drop Inn's will be on the same evening and locations as above from 7.15pm onwards. and are £25.00 for upto 30 minutes.

Please send us an email to with your details and we will add you to our waiting list :-)

Sunday 22 January 2023

Happy Frosty Sunday Everyone!!

What a beautiful frosty morning for a dog walk or just a walk in nature!!
Live in the now, today, look whats around you, its amazing 😍
Yesterday is gone, we cant change it anymore. Tomorrow is not promised, be greatful for today!

Watch less tv, social media, papers, the news and enjoy whats right in front of you with the right company, give it a try, you will enjoy it πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸΆ