The Puppy Socialisation class was really good for my Cavapoo puppy who initially was frantic when with other dogs. With Nicky's guidance he calmed down and was able to participate in the class. Nicky has a wide knowledge of dogs and their behaviour and she explained clearly the logic behind her teaching. She answered questions on puppy behaviour and gave us lots of tips. All in all, a rewarding and informative class for dogs and owners. Thank you, Nicky.
Doreen Estal

Hi Nicky, we have just come to end of the initial training for paddy and I truly cannot thank you enough. I would like to provide a testimonial for your website to share how effective your support and intervention has been for me and want to set the scene so other people in similar situations in the future make the right decision and contact you when they need sensitive and specialist support. Here goes:

We adopted paddy from the RSPCA in June 2014. He is a fantastic 5 year old staffy but we had very little history to work with and knew he may well be anxious once rehomed and need love and patience while he bonded to us. We were advised he would 'benefit from training classes', so after an initial 2 weeks booked us in to a local training school. Although this provided some useful ideas generally, It turned out to be a challenge and some of the approaches we were encouraged to use were not always effective and seemed to be making some aspects worse.

It seemed to me that a rescue dog needs a more personalised approach and we decided to get another opinion, which was when I contacted Nicky, thank god I did...... What a difference she has made to us. She recognised straight away that his case was complex and needed gentle but consistent training. Obviously her experience at Wood Green animal shelter gave her a better insight into the experiences and needs of rescue dogs.

She came to my home, assessed us and then tailored the training to meet my needs. She gave me vital information about the 'yellow dog' website, focusing on dogs that need space as paddy was wary of other dogs, worked with me to assess paddy and established he is reactive when scared/unsure and gave me strategies to use. Nicky advised me about services where I could let him have time off the lead so he could run and play safely. We went out locally to do the training in the real world and as a result I am now more confident working with paddy.

Paddy is now pulling much less just on his harness, not using the dogmatic now.....
Paddy has gained weight and is more content and I am more relaxed and confident.

Ultimately I know Nicky loves my dog as much as I do and didn't label him or put him in a box but took him at his own face value, thank you so much Nicky.

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