Murphy was displaying boisterous and dominant behaviours amongst other issues. We'd had some previous training advice which wasn't working and appeared to make him worse. After just two sessions with Nicky and adopting her positive reinforcement techniques we already have a much more chilled out, happy, well behaved little dog. We'd strongly recommend Nicky as hoping the problems will go away and the dog will grow out of it just isn't going to happen, allowing a professional (at a reasonable price) to point out what we were doing wrong and give us solutions that actually work is money well spent! Nicky is professional, competent and it's obvious she really cares for the dog. Den & Angie, Letchworth

Hi Nicky,
I thought the classes were very useful, a lot of good basic stuff was covered. It may be useful to have a couple of hand outs on (for, example) the nutrition, overcoming fear etc as there is a lot to take in. I would also have liked to be able to let the pups off the leads to play, like we could do at the vet's session, but I guess your classes are aimed at slightly older pups.
I would strongly recommend the classes, they are a great first intro and certainly give a good flavour of what you would cover when you take your dogs to more grown up classes (I took my other dog, Jasper, to barking mad in Stevenage for years and covered much of the same ground as you were doing) 
A really excellent, useful class. Jane

Our training sessions with Miyagi, our miniature schnauzer pup, were great fun and really helpful. We will continue to use all of Nicky's tips as he grows up. Would thoroughly recommend Nicky to anyone looking for an understanding dog trainer - she really cares about the happiness of your dog. Lisa Keogh

Helped us to integrate & train our two lively staffie rescues, Freddie & Domino. Learnt so much from Nicky's one-2-one training and put our youngest onto the socialising classes to build his confidence. We've got two very gorgeous and much better behaved dogs thanks to Nicky. Incredibly professional & affordable service with a friendly approach and obvious passion for dogs. Already recommended & will continue to do so. Thank you Nicky, Vic & Matt x

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