A huge thank you Nicky for all your help with Alfie! I'm sure you have magic powers with dogs, such amazing results!! We have learnt so much in how to handle and care for Alfie when he is so scared of the big outside world, but now it is up to us to put this all in to practice until it becomes second nature. We cannot praise you enough and hope to meet up again soon. We are thinking of you, hope all goes well and rest a while! xxxx

I love helping people and their furry friends,here is another review.....
Dear Nicky,
Thank you for your work with us. You have been great!
Best wishes,
Sue, Gav and a high five from Myrtle!
Back to Basics dog training is excellent! We had fantastic sessions with Nicky who bonded with us and our puppy straight away.
She was able to guide us through our puppy's early life, making sure she learnt how to respond to our commands. The training was probably more for us than Myrtle! She taught us so much, and we are blessed to have a well-behaved puppy who is an absolute delight.
Nicky is a natural at dog training, and she is a delight.
Thanks very much, Nicky, for your wonderful training.
We thoroughly recommend Back to Basics dog training.

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What an exceptional lady/Doggy guru. I choose Nicky's class after speaking to two other local puppy trainers, there was something in her voice that made me feel safe. She is all about the puppies and helping you both to get the best from each other and to become a great team. 
The puppy classes were certainly great fun and very helpful. They are held in a large barn, that is gated so the puppies cannot escape and as they progress you get to take them to a large fenced field where they can run to their hearts content. The field is also where you both learn obedience and off lead training, some puppies and owners get this quickly whilst others, like myself, are a bit slower. But Nicky is always there to help by explaining, hands on showing and just generally boosting your confidence.
As I, and I do mean I - not my puppy, had some difficulty with timing I decided to have one to one training. Nicky arrives, bag full of liver cake and away we go. These sessions are well worth the money as you get Nicky's full attention which is great if you have questions about anything Doggy related. She makes the whole experience fun and most importantly all the puppies adore her.
The only way Nicky could improve the sessions would be if she carried a cappuccino machine on her back and a bag full of chocolate brownies as treats for the human half of the team.
Our love and thanks to you Nicky, Marie and Darcy

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