Friday 7 August 2015

Amazing result for my Cheeky with Reiki Healing

As some of you know my cheeky wasn't doing to good last Monday, she is 11.5 years old and has had a bad leg for the last 2/3 years, probably Arthritis as is commen in older larger dogs. I have been able to manage this with good food which has green lipped mussel and glucosamine, amongst other good stuff in it (Pooch and Co), extra glucosamine, salmon oil, coconut oil and Devil's claw.
I was at my wits end as she was lame, holding her leg up, looking depressed, not wanting to get up and my carpet was covered in clumps of her fur.......
I had to stop the Devil's claw last week as you can't give this continuously and I feared the worse seeing her like that on Monday.
I have been talking to Wendy from Reiki Animal Healer for a while as I would like to learn Reiki myself for the future and I turned to her for help for my Cheeky.
The distant Reiki started on Monday night for 4 days and the results are absolutly amazing.
On Tuesday she was walking on all 4 legs again, she looked happier and even wanted to play ( which I didnt allow!) This morning she is walking like she was a couple of weeks ago!
All this without any medication!!!!
I know that some of you might not believe in Reiki but Cheeky is living proof to me that it does work, I am over the moon and so grateful to Wendy, thank you so much!


  1. Well said! It also has some traditional exercises to increase the power and flow of it.You will be very grateful after doing reiki regularly. Just love the good work you are doing.
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  2. Thank you, I have just passed the Reiki 2 and it is so wonderful, watch this space , I am on a journey that I am loving :-)

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