Thursday 18 January 2018

A review to be proud of.... 3 from the same person!

Another happy client. This gentleman left me these 3 lovely reviews 😊
Hi Nicki
Well the 2 hours spent with you and my now very obedient Lurcher were brilliant, you had him literally eating out of your hand, I took him out a few hours later and he knew what he was doing and walked on the loose lead even when we passed the same old Lurcher we saw earlier, a couple of treats and we walked on. I know you said you hadn’t got a magic wand but I think you have.
Thank you again

Thank you for your time this morning, Nicki, Eddie was like putty in your hands, well I pressed with your training, now it’s up to me to carry on the good work you have started. Well impressed.
Nicky came along, met Eddie, had a chat with us all and off we went for our first training walk and within about 400 yards Eddie was walking on loose lead, fantastic results, took him out myself later and he had remembered everything, soooo pleased we found NickyDogTrainer’s

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