Thursday 6 December 2018

New Puppy Workshops are starting in Stratford upon Avon on Sunday the 20h of January 2019!!

New Puppy Workshops are starting on Sunday the 20th of January 2019, please look on the right-hand side of the column to choose what's suitable for you.

The prices for all the classes in 2019 have gone up a little bit but then we have included important 'goodies' for your furballs!

We will also start:

Puppy Information Talks are for first-time puppy owners or puppy owners who want to get advice on all aspects of what to do when the puppy first comes home. Toilet training, biting, outings before vaccines, exercise, crate training and most importantly all the mental enrichment games you can do at home to make life easier for yourself. These will be held on a weekday evening and no puppies are attending. This way you can all soak up the information without distraction.
Dates to be confirmed.

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