Friday 3 April 2020

Corona Virus update- Zoom Video Calling for Puppies!

The Puppy Workshops are suspended until further notice as we are not allowed to hold classes or outdoor events for the time being.
I have a lot of puppy clients on a 121 Puppy Pack so that I can guide and assist them whilst we are in lockdown, through video calling via Zoom, as puppies still need training and the owners still need lots of advice as what to do.
I have been doing this since the beginning of March with clients having to self isolate.

Please contact me for further details.

We are really pleased we decided to take our puppy to Nicky at Back to Basics dog training. Nicky is very experienced and knows so much about dogs and their behaviour. The training groups are small which means Nicky gets to know your dog well. Due to the recent coronavirus lockdown, this week Nicky gave us and Woody a 1-1 session aimed at helping with a specific problem we have with him. I’d recommend Nicky to anyone wanting to train their puppy. Thanks Nicky 😊

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