Wednesday 28 December 2022

New for Hitchin .... "Real-Life Training" Packages for your pup, dog or rescue!!!

 "Real-Life Training"


Welcome to a slightly different way of our 121 training for puppies, dogs, or rescues.


Over the years I have noticed that more & more owners prefer more “In-Depth” training for their canine companion and this is where our “Real Life Training” idea was born.


When you get a young puppy we can start before it comes home so that you are setting yourself up for success from the beginning.


Whilst we wait for the vaccinations to finish we have a wealth of information to start training at your home, in the car, out & about, and in your garden so your pup is ready to explore our Big Wild World on its own paws. We will tailor the training to your lifestyle needs together with environmental socialisation so that you will have a well-balanced, happy pup.


Socialisation is not how many people and or dogs you meet in a certain amount of time, socialisation is more about getting your pup used to things it doesn’t know/ never seen (environment) in its own time.

There could be different things that stress them out, make them anxious or could be a trigger for them. Unrecognized these could result in behavioural issues or sudden changes in character.


Some pups/dogs/rescues will take longer with certain things and that’s ok, not every pup/dog/rescue is the same. The main thing is not to rush them and give them the time to find their confidence and make the right choices with our guidance & training.


I have been running Classes for 14 years in Hitchin, they are and have always been very successful, great fun training in a group formation but owners have told me on numerous occasions that they feel that they need a bit of extra help in real life situations that don’t happen in classes.


We will go to different locations to practice your training.


We have fully enclosed fields to practice off-lead and focus training games to help you both gain the confidence that you can do this by yourself.


We will visit indoor & outdoor places,  where there will be other dogs and practice Impulse Control.


We will also arrange to have a type of class at our enclosed fields with others to make sure your pup/dog/rescue can work in a group formation and pay the handler/owner attention with all the distractions going on.


We will go for different walks when your pup/dog/rescue is ready to embrace these experiences.


I have lots of experience with rescues, I've worked and lived in Santorini, Greece for years, training + socialising the wild & street dogs & cats,  ready to be adopted and live in their “Forever Home”.


I brought 4 back myself when I returned to the UK in 2009, they have all passed away apart from 1 who will be 16 years old soon.

After 18 months of being dog-less, I took on 2 new rescue pups in 2019.

I’ve been testing the “Real Life Training” with them with great success and started to introduce this to clients in 2022 to see what they thought and our reviews on Facebook  ( and Google (NickyDogTrainer Barn) pages speak for themselves.


 Please note that these “Real Life Training Packages” are not for Behavioural Cases. Please call us 07799-890704 or email us to discuss your struggles with your companion and find the right training package for you.

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